for Participation in the VI International Festival
of Light and Media Art
Please send your applications to
Applications accepted from
February 10th to April 15th, 2024

Festival dates:
August 29th — 31th, 2024

The 'Light Nights' International Festival of Light and Media Art in Gatchina (Leningrad Region) is announcing an open call for participation in 2024.
The 'Light Nights' International Festival of Light and Media Art in Gatchina (Leningrad Region) is announcing an open call for participation in 2024. We are inviting teams and artists working with video mapping, digital art, light and multimedia objects. Project concepts are to include work with light, architectural mapping, neural networks, augmented reality and other innovative technologies, and be in line with the festival theme. We are interested in immersive, site-specific objects that initiate a dialog with the landscape or the cultural and historical context of the Gatchina Museum-Reserve.
To study the map of the territory, its boundaries and festival routes, and to ponder over the location of your work, please follow the link.
The Festival Open Call goes out to media artists, architects, lighting design specialists, theater stage designers, as well as sound artists, composers, IT experts and technologists regardless of their age and place of residence. Applications should contain the artist's/team's portfolio, a brief description of the project, sketches, basic technical specifications and a cost estimate for creating the work. The terms of cooperation will be discussed individually with each applicant depending on the scale and technical complexity of their Application. Accommodation will be provided for non-resident participants. About 20 artists or teams will take part in the Festival.
The theme of the 2024 festival is
'On Being Human'.
Man as the center of any philosophical system cannot be reduced to a specific concept. To describe one's nature, we need an endless list of qualities and characteristics, contradictory ones at times: altruistic and selfish, sociable and lonely, moral and immoral. What is the essence of Man as such? What makes up Man's inner world? Philosophers, psychologists, sociologists, even biologists tackle this question by exploring Man through interactions with others and the world. The team of the 'Light Nights' Festival in Gatchina is asking the participants of its new season the same question and is open to the widest interpretations possible. What is the mechanism and source of our self-awareness? Be it artificial technologies, nature or human relationships: where will this search lead us and how far we can take it. Will technology defeat us? How does anthropocentrism coexist with environmental ethics? Why in an attempt to answer the question of "What it means to be human?" the most selfish creature on Earth looks at itself through the eyes of others?
We want the Festival audience to remember how important it is to see every person as a human being and what lies behind it. We are inviting artists to think about what the analysis of the human image in artistic culture has come to using light and media art. If the Ancient Greeks had the possibility of contemplating human nature using modern technologies, what would we have instead of sculptures?
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Olga Arshanskaya
The 'Light Nights' International Festival of Light and Media Art in Gatchina was founded in 2017, and since then it has been showcasing the works of contemporary media artists to tens of thousands of viewers every year.
The format of the Festival is an immersive nighttime journey through the exposition in the Gatchina Palace Park. Over the course of three nights in August, the public is treated to light and multimedia objects, 3D mappings onto the Gatchina Palace and small architectural forms of the park, and performances. The idea to hold night events at the Gatchina Park belongs to Vassily Pankratov, Director of the Gatchina Museum-Reserve. The concept of the Festival was formulated and developed by its Director, Olga Arshanskaya.
The mission of the Festival is to help the general public discover contemporary visual art through a deep emotional and intellectual experience, and at the same time to be a point of growth for light and digital art, to serve as a platform for debuts and a field for experiments, a meeting place for both young and seasoned artists. SILA SVETA, DREAMLASER, FORMATE, media.tribe, BROKEN COMPOSERS, SPLACES. STUDIO, OCUBO (Portugal), ARTISTIC (Latvia), Ralf Westerhof (Netherlands), Jeremy Oury (France), Angel Sandimas (Spain), INTILED, Ilya Balakin, SMARTLIGHT, BEZHKO, AKHE and Nick Khamov, DESIGNLAB (Tunisia), Architectural Bureau 11, KATARSIS Architects, Vladimir Abikh, Mediamead, Andrei Rylov, Mike Iv, Nastya Yatskhei, Alina Tikhonova, Anna Martynenko and more than a hundred other artists and creative teams have participated in the Festival.