of International competition of light installations in the frame
of the St. Petersburg International Festival of Light Art "Light Nights" in Gatchina!
  1. Angelova Lyubov (Minsk, Belarus)
  2. Boeva Mariya (Himki, Russia)
  3. Boykova Natalya (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
  4. Ferreira Thierry (Maiorga, Portugal)
  5. Gorlanova Kseniya (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
  6. Ibragimova Kamilla (Kazan, Russia)
  7. Klangjareonchai Theerawat (Berlin, Germany)
  8. Kobyakova Mariya (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
  9. Kuznetsov Dmitriy (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
  10. Levicheva Svetlana (Samara, Russia)
  11. Mangialardo Hermes (Kopertino, Italy)
  12. Molodovskaya Valeriya (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
  13. Morozov Sergey (Moscow, Russia)
  14. Pachezertseva Zhanna (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
  15. Panov Oleg (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
  16. Permyakov Viktor (Perm, Russia)
  17. Poskrebyisheva Olga (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
  18. Roininen Anne (Helsinki, Finland)
  19. Samarina Yuliya (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
  20. Savrasova Vasilisa (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
  21. Siebler Franz ( Berlin, Germany)
  22. Sogoyan Miran (Moscow, Russia)
  23. Tihonova Alina (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
  24. Treyel Ivan (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
  25. Tumanyan Artur (Moscow, Russia)
  26. Vasileva Viktoriya (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
  27. Vogel Mingus (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  28. Zhigalev Sergey (Moscow, Russia)
  29. Zimina Mariya, Merkushev Aleksey (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

Saint Petersburg International Festival of Light Art
«Light Nights» in Gatchina
10 - 11, August 2018

Main festival's theme PARADOX

Saint Petersburg International Festival of Light Art «Light Nights» in Gatchina open calls for contest for video mapping at the Jordanian facade of Gatchina Palace. With a great pleasure we are waiting for applications from professionals and students, amateurs and specialists in 2D and 3D animation and video art.

The theme is IR/REAL REALITIES. In the world of fantasy, art and dream paradox becomes normal. Change the image of Gatchina Palace's facade and create alternative universe full of fantastic phenomena by using video mapping technics, animation and music.

You can apply with projects made in 2D and 3D animation and video-art technics. The project should be integrated into the architecture of Gatchina Palace's Jordanian facade and meet the competition theme. You can also apply with project created earlier if it corresponds the theme.

Stage 1 (01.05.2018 - 15.06.2018). We accept the application forms by e-mail ( The application should contain the presentation of the idea, text description of front images and sketches (at least 5 slides) or video (maximum resolution 1920 x 1080px). Please specify what audio track you would like to use.

The accepted participants will receive the letter not later than the 1st of July,2018.

Stage 2 (01.07.2018 - 20.07.2018). We accept completed projects. Please send the video in maximum resolution and relevant audio track. Contact us by sending e-mail (

During the festival all accepted projects will be permanently translated between 21.00 аnd 01.30 on 10-11th of August. More than 10 000 people will become the audience of the show.

To download specification, 3D model and mask of Gatchina Palace's Jordanian facade follow this link.

All the participants will get diploma papers and the best ones will be awarded with hi-tech special devices for animation design.

Call for proposals!

We invite you to participate
in the International competition
of light installations
in the frame of the St. Petersburg International Festival of Light Art "Gatchina Light Nights"!

We are now open for your applications!

The festival will take place on 10th and 11th August 2018 in Gatchina Park near St.Petersburg.
There are two steps in the competition:
1. The selection of the 15 projects by the jury.
2. The selection of the winner of the competition among the realized 15 productions.
Attention! NEWS! Deadline for submitting your proposals:
10 p.m. March 31th 2018
Competition theme
The theme of the Festival 2018 is "Paradox".
Paradox, the uncommon and the unusual, tends to attract people's attention. Our meeting with something paradoxical expands our usual perception, enables us to look beyond the obvious and gives us new perspectives. It affects our emotions and challenges our usual understanding of life and reality. The paradox resets our mind to open and free perception of the world around us.
The name of the competition: "Paradox Lab"
* PARADOX (in Greek paradoxos - unexpected, strange)
- a situation or phenomenon that can exist in reality, but has no logical explanation.

Our wishes to the participants:
- Use light as the main tool, as the core of your artwork;
- Remember, that your installation will be located in the park, so consider unforeseen weather conditions (you can read "recommendations on choice of materials, equipment and technologies" on the website
- Your installation should function continuously during the festival;
- Your installation should be comprehensable, engaging and evoking emotions among viewers of all ages;
- Make up a brief, understandable description of your artwork (max. 1000 signs); it will be printed on the information plate near your installation;
- We welcome your sense of humor, which might be reflected in your artwork;
- Your work can have elements of live music, performance or other live elements.
- Think of various technological and artistic ways of interaction with audience;
- We welcome the original approach to work – you can use both both innovative technologies, but also uggest the innovative use of everyday objects.
- Keep in mind that the festival has big crowds of audience. Make sure the accessibility to your installation.
- Make sure that your installation does not cause damage to the environment;
- Make sure that all electrical materials used in your artwork is absolutely secured and inaccessible to the public.
Who can participate in the competition?

Students of Russian and foreign universities and colleges, practicing artists, designers, multimedia specialists, architects, as well as creative associations, design studios are invited to participate in the contest. The works can be provided both by authors and by artistic collectives from Russia and foreign countries.

What works can participate in the competition?

The competition accepts original sketches of artworks, representing static or dynamic light installations (competition objects) for temporary installation on the territory of Gatchina Park. Light installations can have sound or other audio visual elements.

If you go further in the selection process for the Open Call, the Festival provides the production of your original work. You cannot send your previous work to the competition.

How to apply?
Please, send your applications to:
§ Filled in application form , please see the attachment. In application form you should include:
- Short description of the artistic idea
- Short description of the technologies and materials you are planning to use.
- Short description of the resources you need for the realization of the project (budget, technical assistance, transportation, etc)
- Approximate budget for the physical production of your installation
§ Illustrations of your installation in PDF format (3d sketches, illustrations, technical drawings, etc) ;
§ Examples of your work/ portfolio. Links or attached videos or pictures.
Can you send more than one work?
One author or a team of authors can send in their application no more than three sketches of the competition objects.
Evaluation criteria
- the conformity of the application for the creation of a contest object to the subject of the competition;
- the content and originality of the idea;
- the artistic level of the application;
- the idea of interaction of the contest object with the viewer;
- understanding by the participant of the competition of the technological process of design and practical implementation of the competitive facility;
- adequate, complete and detailed filling of the application form for participation in the competition, the availability of visual materials that complements the application.
How do you know if you went through the first stage?
Participants who have passed to the final will be sent notifications and necessary information for preparation for the creation of a competitive object. The list of finalists will be published on the website and the sites of the festival partners.
What should you do if you went to the second stage of the competition?
In the final part of the competition you have to create your own competition object on the territory of Gatchina Park!

Finalists of the contest before 20th of April, 2018 have to send the data given below to

- Detailed description of the artistic idea, including the name of your installation;
- 3d visualization of the object, Illustrations or of your installation in PDF (3d sketches, illustrations, technical drawings, etc);
- Detailed description of the technologies you are planning to use, including the list of necessary resources, and a detailed description of dimensions and technical characteristics;
- The required power of the electricity connection;
- The list of materials you are planning to use (in accordance with the "technological recommendations for the selection of materials, equipment and technology for the production of light installations", published on the website;
- Detailed calculation of costs needed for production.

If the participant of the competition has a sponsor who pays for his transport and visa expenses, accommodation costs in St. Petersburg (for nonresident and foreign participants), materials or equipment for creating a competitive object, the participant should coordinate with the Organizing Committee in presenting the information about the sponsor within the framework of the Festival.
How will the creation of the objects be organized?
- finalists of the competition arrive in Gatchina to make the objects on 04.08.2018;
- the festival covers expenses needed for production costs (no more, than 100 thousand rubles or 1400 euro for the creation of your object (materials and equipment, necessary servises) in the final of the competition;
- contestants are provided with premises – workshops on the territory of the Gatchina Palace;
- the festival provides connection to the source of electricity;
- the festival doesn't cover expenses, connected with transportation and accommodation costs of foreign participants of the competition
- during the production period (from 04/08/2018 to 12/08/2018), participants can be accommodated in Gatchina.
How will the winners be selected and when will they be announced?
The finalists of the competition are determined by the professional jury, consisting of reputable experts in the field of light design, architects, artists and other cultural and art figures.
15 applicants will be selected for the final part .

The jury will choose the winners of the final stage during the festival, evaluating each work according to five criteria:
- the conformity of the competitive object with the subject and conditions of the competition;
- the compliance of the competitive object with the application chosen by the Jury for implementation;
- artistic level of the competitive object;
- technological level of the competitive object;
- ways of interaction of the competitive object with the viewer.

Announcement of the winners of the competition and rewarding will take place in the fall of 2018 as part of the international scientific and practical conference "Light Design 2018", conducted by the Department "High School of Light Design" at IFMO University, partner of the festival "Night of Light in Gatchina".
What rewards will the contestants get?
- The jury will award a prize in the amount of 100 000 rubles (approximately 1400 euro), a memorable prize and a diploma to the winner of the competition.
- Finalists, who took 2nd and 3rd position, will receive a memorable prize and a diploma of the competition.
- All finalists of the competition will be awarded diplomas and memorable gifts from the reserve-museum Gatchina.
- 3 authors of the best installations among students or graduates of Russian and foreign universities will have the right to get in the master's program of the "High School of Light Design" of the ITMO University without exams in a budget conditions. (The works will be selected in accordance with the regulations on the Creative Competition of the Department, published on the website ITMO University and on the Festival's website
- During the online voting the leader of the audience preferences will determined, who receives a special prize.
You can see the full information about the terms of participation in the competition in
Coordinator of the competition:
Elizaveta Sorokina
tel.: +7 (931) 541-30-75,

Festival director:
Olga Arshanskaya
Questions and suggestions please send to Email:
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