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Open Call For Participation in the Fourth International Competition of Video Art and Video Mapping within Saint-Petersburg International Festival Of Light Art "Light Nights" In Gatchina in 2022
The theme of the whole festival in 2022 is a DIALOGUE. This is the most important thing right now — only the dialogue will allow us to maintain humanitarian ties. Only the dialogue can save us as homo sapiens.

International communications in culture are crucially important for Russians now. It could help us to keep some threads of positive interaction. So we will be glad If you come to the decision to participate in our festival.

In previous times the "Light Nights" Festival had an international competition with two nominations: light installations and video mapping. Obviously, in the current circumstances it is almost unrealistic to bring any art objects. Logistics rules are changing unpredictably. But there is still the option of video content. We invite you to create some videos — we have some architectural screens for video mapping: a large Iordanian facade of the Gatchina Palace and a tiny facade of the Venus Pavilion. We can also build some constructions for broadcasting video content if necessary.

You can know more about this facades:
Your applications will be evaluated by the Jury, and the curator will work with those who entered the long list. The curator may help you in the creative process at all stages if you need.

The contestants' works will be shown on August 25, 26 and 27 in Gatchina Park.
We accept applications until May 25
Who may be interested in participation?
  • Professionals and amateurs in the field of 2D and 3D animation and video art;
  • Students and graduates of universities and colleges;
  • Practicing artists, multimedia specialists;
  • Creative teams.
All participants should be under the age of 35. If the application is submitted from a creative team, the overwhelming majority of its members should be under the age of 35 as well.
Theme of the competition: "Dialogue"
We invite the participants of the video mapping contest to explore the phenomenon of "dialogue", to find images, associations, metaphors, plots related to communication in its philosophical sense, related to the ability of people to hear each other. Today, during the rapid development of information technologies, dialogue is becoming one of the most mysterious mind games, and there are infinitely many ways to initiate it. We invite the participants to think about this topic, enter into a dialogue with each other and the audience.

The finalists of the competition will present their artworks in August 2022 at the "Light Nights" Festival in Gatchina, one of the palace suburbs of St. Petersburg.
What kind of artworks can be presented in the competition?
Video content (video art / video mapping). Original audiovisual works in 2D, 3D animation and other video art techniques, created on the basis of models of the Jordanian facade of the Gatchina Palace and the Venus Pavilion or other kind of screen.
What should be included in the application?
  • Presentation of the work with the text description of the main scenes and sketches (at least 5 slides) or video at a resolution of no more than 1920x1080px;
  • The storyboard;
  • Information about the audio fragment you are going to use (options or audio references);
  • Information about the whole duration of your artwork.
Is it possible to apply with multiple works?
One author or a team of authors can send up to three different sketches in their application.
How do you know if you have passed the qualifying stages of the competition?
We will send notifications to the finalists by email. In addition, the list will be published on the website and the websites of the festival's partners.
How will the winners be selected and when will they be announced?
The jury will select the winners of the final stage during the Festival, evaluating each work according to five criteria:

  • compliance with the subject and conditions of the competition;
  • compliance with the original project described in the application;
  • artistic level;
  • technological level.
Winners will be announced in September 2022.
Our wishes to the participants
  • Your artwork should be comprehensible, engaging and evoking emotions among viewers of all ages;
  • Make up a brief, understandable description of your artwork (max. 500 characters); it will be printed on the information plate near your installation;
  • We welcome your sense of humor, which might be reflected in your artwork;
  • Think of various technological and artistic ways of interaction with audience;
  • Keep in mind that the festival has big crowds of audience. Make sure the accessibility to your installation.
Full information about the conditions of participation in the competition can be found on the website
Please send your questions and suggestions to Email:

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